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stick puzzle laying on top of a wood table

Stick Puzzlers

Becky Wright

Becky Wright

About the Author

Becky is an educator and the Lead Digital Skills teacher at the Lindsay Pinnguaq Makerspace. She is passionate about developing an intrinsic motivation for learning within every student she meets. Becky graduated from the University of the Pacific with a Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies with a Major in Human Development and Special Education, and a Masters of Arts Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Prior to beginning her role as an educator for Pinnguaq, she taught grades sixth through eighth in a Montessori school structure. She also spent five years teaching a range of grades from preschool to eighth grade in Bangkok.

Computational Thinking, Game Design
Maker Activity


These cards provide learners with logic and math visual problems that are fun and engaging. Using sticks, learners will have the opportunity to use their critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve the visual brain teasers. These challenges require you to think outside the box and they are difficult to solve, but have a seemingly simple solution once resolved. Cards can be downloaded and printed for learners to use independently.


New card coming next week!

Move a stick from the group of sticks that make up 2 and make a plus sign with the middle stick in the group of sticks that make three. You then turn the equations from 1+2+3=4 into 1+1+1+1=4 by only moving 1 stick.

Pick up the three sticks that make the triangle and hold them close to your face. Look through the triangle at the square. You’ve now moved three sticks to place the square inside the triangle!

Move one stick from each group of three at each corner of the top and bottom rows into the group of three in the middle of the top and bottom row. Now your top and bottom rows will add up to nine, but the left and right columns will only add up to seven. 

Now it’s time to add in your four sticks. Add two sticks to each of the middle groups of three in the left and right columns. 

Now that you’ve added four more sticks,  each column and row have three groups that equal a sum of 9 sticks.

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